UK Special: Brilliant Way to Check if You had PPI

If you’ve ever had a mortgage, credit card, loan or car finance you should check for ppi. PPI has been mis-sold for decades by banks and lenders to unaware consumers.

The FCA has fined banks and the banks have now set aside billions of pounds. Since 2011 over £26.7bn* has been paid out to customers who were mis-sold PPI. However much of the money set aside remains unclaimed.

What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is an insurance policy added to mortgages, loans, etc. It’s there to cover your repayments should you fall ill, have an accident, or lose your job.

Do I have PPI?

If you have or have had a Credit card, mortgage, personal loan or car may have had PPI. Often people were sold PPI with one of these financial product without even knowing about it.

How Can I find out if I have PPI?

You could – of course – go back through all the mortgages, loans, credit cards and finance agreements you’ve ever had. Then contact each company individually. And do your best to make a claim each time you find any evidence you’ve been mis-sold PPI.

May 2017 UPDATE:  PPI Deadline has been announced by the FCA as August 29 2019

Here’s How to Start Your Free PPI Check

Simply click your location on the map below to start your free PPI check.





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